Ewooluzione was born about 10 years ago from the desire to emerge from the confusion created by so many and different styles by now; origin and concepts of clothing.

The goal is to reset everything by making room for a garment that must respond to basic and fundamental requirements, that is, the quality and authenticity of the materials and fit supported by comfort and by a wise packaging and tailoring.

The word itself says it, the evolution that integrates the word wool (Ewooluzione) or our 100% pure and virgin wool proposed in a beautiful and large folder that enhances the material in every shade, basic, on, intense or dusty that it is This has been and is still our winning card that opened the curtain to our garments on the corporate market.

Our garments are for everyone, all those who love simplicity and recognize from afar what is always beautiful and unconditionally.

Simplicity is also given by their structure, deliberately unlined and mainly live cutting, the main characteristic of the brand; Our mostly folled and unhappy materials for Jersey allow us to versatility of work and freedom of interpretation but with an always optimal result.

The collection offers models that respond to the needs of all the physicality and comfort of the so tenacious materials allows us the movements without any constraint given by lining that block our freedom and the head is kind as a cardigan.

The product is also proposed in spring with a female and elegant corporal with a fresh and cotton appearance, proposed for a ceremony or to delight in assembling it with rigorous outfits rather than casual and fun, without any limit of any age, but the strong is commanded personality that will result.